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Thank you for your good service in connection with the recent emergency breakdown repairs to the City’s wastewater treatment plant. The work involved complex structural repairs in a difficult working situation plus...
Robert W. Brush, P.E.
City of Homestead
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Quality Assurance

The company was founded on three basic principals: Quality, Neatness & Reliability.

We are very proud of our established market presence, satisfied clientele and ability to communicate with our customers. In addition, we benefit from our full service capabilities, industry reputation, strategic partnerships, and commitment. We take pride in completing projects safely, meeting deadlines & schedules, and working within budgetary limits.

Safety First At DACA Environmental, Inc. Our motto is: "Safety Protects the Employee, Quality Protects the Job"

By choosing DACA, customers will develop their projects with the assurance that they will be constructed on-time, within budget and with a painstaking attention to quality, which is strictly enforced by the direct involvement of senior management.

We offer the following advantages as compared to its competition:

  • Clients develop a close relationship with the DACA Team to build effective partnerships.
  • Constant development of new and less expensive methods and procedures to perform our work in order to provide a better product at a lower price to our customers.
  • Sound constructability and engineering studies providing effective analysis tools.
  • Cost-effective construction services.
  • Efficient management of construction activities which minimizes potential delays in project completion timeframes.
  • DACA’s management experience, quality services and strategic partners facilitate a wide spectrum of construction services with an emphasis on personalized client support and partnerships.

DACA, highly recognized for its excellence, is an organization with a great vision that inspires the best of all its associates. The Company’s success is strongly due to each associate's contribution through his or her efforts to effectively and efficiently do their job.

Our well-trained personnel are composed of a diverse group of hard working, competent and skillful people that accept nothing but their very best for our customers and themselves.

The Company’s success is strongly due to each associate’s contribution through his or her efforts to effectively and efficiently do their job. We owe to all our associates, now more than ever, to commit to continue offering our services for sophisticated, high demand projects in both the public and private sector. We are committed to do our work in a safe, economic and professional manner, while protecting our staff, the environment, the public in general and our customers.